Sarah Bartrum Name Sarah Bartrum
Keep Them Safe book cover
Keep Them Safe (Crime Thriller)
It wasn’t that Sid wanted to harm anyone, quite the opposite. He’d make a perfect granddad; he just needed to find the right grandchild. With paedophilia and child murder at the core, DI Johanson is the obvious choice to solve this crime. But is his old school mate really the murderer or only a pawn in a wider game of abuse?
Tracks book cover
Tracks (Contemporary)
One train crash. A million consequences. Four lives changed forever. Adam must find a new direction despite his useless legs. Halima is searching for her independence. Cracks are appearing in Ralph's facade. And love-torn Austin must let go. As their lives interweave, could they hold the key to each other’s salvation or damnation? Watch their lives unfold in London against a backdrop of terrorism.
Placebo book cover
Placebo (Thriller)
What if there was a new cancer treatment? What if the drug was a fake? Would you tell the truth? Sarah, an ambitious young lab technician, is about to find out what happens when ethics and pharmaceuticals get mixed. As truth and lies get increasingly tangled, will Sarah choose the right thing to do? And what about Aunt Annie? Sarah's dream of saving lives could end in disaster if she doesn't make the right decision. The outcome may just be beyond belief.
Odd Socks book cover
Odd Socks (Contemporary)
Joe and Mike couldn't be more opposite and yet as their lives converge, each has something to offer the other. Life in the country is not all it's cracked up to be, and Mike is in for quite a shock. The last thing Joe wants is some young upstart messing up his quiet life. As Joe and Mike's lives become more entangled, they unearth their own inadequacies. A heart-warming story of two men struggling to put right their lives before it's too late.
Dads Do It Differently book cover
Dads Do It Differently (Parent Guide)
There are toys all over the lounge, discarded clothes up the stairs and a flood in the bathroom. Was it a burglar? A party? No, just Dad in charge again. For parents everywhere, we know that Dads Do It Differently, but should they be chastised or rewarded for their approach to childcare? This book examines our differences as parents and looks at how both parents can make a great contribution to their children’s lives without causing arguments. Dads are great, and it’s time to smash the myth that “Mums know best”.